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In 2007 we have started building quality from the ground as a company priority. Through the decade we have designed advanced system of year-round snail farming and safe for snails method of obtaining secretion. It directly affects the highest quality of our products. Regularly obtained raw material is tested in certified cosmetic laboratory. In order to confirm its effectiveness, it was tested in accredited dermatology clinic.

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We produce our products on the basis of the secretion which we obtain year-round out of our own farm and in a safe for snails way. Snails are compulsory retained in health and happiness.
The secretion contains many natural active ingredients (such as collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, alantoin) which have a very positive effect on healthy appearance through firming, moisturizing, reducing redness, alleviating inflammation. It also shows protective and anti-aging effects.

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According to the results of instrumental tests, the opinions of the subjects and doctors inspection clinical trials (dermatological and application tests), the product Healthy Skin intensively cares and regenerates the skin, improves skin tone and it is appropriate for every kind of the skin. It reveals an anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritus effect and restores the physiological hydro-lipid coating.
The regular application of the gel has a positive influence on recovering from dermatological and coexisting lesions.  

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