Clinical opinions

All the tests (dermatological, application and instrumental tests) of the Healthy Skin Serum gel with natural snail secretion and hyaluronic acid were conducted under the control of dermatologists in accredited and certified dermatology clinic which comply with The Declaration of Helsinki.

Conclusions of the clinical trials from 2015:

  • Instrumental tests and subjects confirmed that “Healthy Skin – Serum gel with natural snail secretion and hyaluronic acid” reveals positive and multidirectional effects thanks to well-composed active ingredients contained in the product.

  • The TEWL measurements showed that “Healthy Skin – Serum gel with natural snail mucus and hyaluronic acid” improves and maintains the stable, deep level of skin hydration through slowing down of epidermis dehydration.

  • In the subjects’ and dermatologists’ opinion the composition of the products’ ingredients intensively cares and regenerates skin.

  • The skin coating after product application slowdowns the natural water evaporation of the skin – this may occur quicker than usually due to the adverse external factors.
  • The skin after the application of “Healthy Skin – Serum gel with natural snail mucus and hyaluronic acid” is covered with natural skin coating. It effectively slowdowns the water evaporation of the corneum (even after 2 hours from application) and enables deep physiological hydration of the skin.

  • After the product application there is no continuous occlusion effect which has a very negative influence both on the hydrolipid economy of the skin and gas exchange ( so called skin breathing).

  • Thanks to restoring of the physiological hydrolipid coating, the irritated and pathological skin becomes perfectly groomed.

  • It was observed that the gel (thanks to proper moisturizing, soothing and regeneration effects) eliminated unpleasant sensations accompanied by inflammations ie. pruritus, burning and tautness.

  • Moreover, it was noted that the gel is very practical in use, it spreads well on the skin and leaves velvet soft film.

  • The tests showed that a good combination of safe and active components brings relief in lesions with symptoms such as pruritus, peeling or seborrhoea.

  • The subjects with different kinds of dermatitis together with the dermatologists observed that the pathological symptoms eased.

  • During the evaluation it was observed that the probe contributes to improvement of skin moisturizing. It caused the limitation of skin peeling and, thanks to soothing characteristic, reducing the skin reddening.

  • The subjects with the skin changes such as eczema and atopic dermatitis stated that the gel reveals an anti-inflammatory and anti- pruritus effect, it limits the risk of disease development and speeds up the subsiding skin lesions.

  • Quick and effective soothing of skin irritations, removes roughness, peeling of the skin and other subjective sensations like tautness and burning.

  • “Healthy Skin – Serum gel with natural snail mucus and hyaluronic acid” thanks to well-composed active ingredients gives the sensation of properly moisturized skin. What is more, it does not cause the discomfort of excessively  “shiny” or “glossy” skin.

  • The regular application of the gel has a positive influence on recovering from dermatological and coexisting lesions. It gradually improves the condition and appearance of the skin.