About us

Why does a human want to commune with nature?
This question seems to be rhetorical.
One just feels good around it :)

In 2007 we have started an intensive work on year-round snail farming. Taking care of every detail, we have developed and implemented a modern and strictly-controlled farming system which acts in harmony with snail’s nature. Next step was a safe for snails method of obtaining secretion.

Why the safe method?

The effect of natural cooperation with snail is clean, thick secretion rich in active ingredients.

The synergy of our actions enables us to offer a precious cosmetic raw material which is the highest quality snail secretion. Except for excellent nourishing properties, it has a positive influence on different skin conditions.

Acting in harmony with nature and cosmetology, we developed a cooperation with an established, valued and certified cosmetic laboratory which has a long experience.

Thanks to this combination, we obtained clinically tested products rich in natural active ingredients.

The effectiveness of the secretion has been proven, among others, by dermatological tests, application tests (with the participation of people suffering from skin conditions) and instrumental tests (with the participation of people without skin conditions). The tests were conducted by accredited and certified dermatology clinic.

In order to meet demands of different skin types, we concentrate on combining science with the plenitude of cosmetic raw material. Thanks to it, we may influence the improvement of appearance and state of your skin, which is equivalent of the Nature Cosmetics mission.

Artur and Tomasz Margas