Medical Day SPA

In Medical Day SPA we believe that the source of beauty is hidden in nature. Healthy Skin Serum is sensational not only as a cosmetic for individual use, but also as a professional product – for usage in beauty salons during Dermapen treatments. Its ternary formula is comparable with the famous 10 DE CHANEL creme.

The brands identifying with the thesis “less is more” are concentrated on combining ingredients in synergic way, in order to increase the effectiveness of the individual ingredient of the product.

It should be noted that such formulas are the best tolerated and absorbed by our skin. Healthy Skin Ampoule has the high content of snail secretion and low molecular hyaluronic acid. This makes the glycolic acid (contained in snail secretion) increase permeability of the skin and the hyaluronic acid penetrate deeper layers of the skin, which cannot be said about other products of familiar brands.

The positive effects of the product has occurred among our patients mostly after 7 to 14 days during treatments at home.

Bartłomiej Przybyłowicz

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