Vanilla Spa, Hotel Niebieski***** in Cracow

Vanilla Spa in Hotel Niebieski***** in Cracow has a great pleasure to give its recommendation for Nature Cosmetics company, with which we cooperate for a year.  Nature Cosmetics company supplies Vanilla Spa with face care cosmetics. These products are: Healthy Skin Serum gel and Biocellulose Mask with natural snail secretion and hyaluronic acid. Except for the quality of the ingredients of the products, the wide range of possible applications for different kinds of skin and its conditions is also worth mentioning.

From the beginning of our cooperation, I use the Nature Cosmetics’ products by myself and I am satisfied with the results :)

I attach opinions of our Vanilla Spa qualified beauticians concerning Healthy Skin cosmetics:

Nature Cosmetics products with snail secretion are frequently chosen and appreciated by our Clients.

The cosmetics are very useful during treatments: gel has a pleasant consistency and is well absorbed by the skin; the ductile mask gives visible effect on the skin. After snail secretion treatment, it can be noticed that skin is brighter, firmer, soother and hydrated.

The products are perfect for sensitive, dry, as well as problematic and acne-prone skin. the skin with sings of aging  becomes more dense and firm. The treatments with the use of products with snail secretion bring immediate and visible effects, and our Clients are satisfied...”

Snail secretion – cosmetological wonder, combination of active ingredients – marvelous. That’ s how shortly Healthy Skin Serum may be described. The product has 98,2% of snail secretion and it is one of the highest doses available on the market. Shallowing of the acne scars, as well as brightening of the acne connected slight discolorations – these are only few of possible effects of regular usage of the Nature Costmetics’ serum. The product thanks to hyaluronic acid increases the level of hydration and brings relief to chapped and dried skin. What is more, content of alanine soothes redness. The treatment with the use of snail secretion is perfect for skin requiring regeneration. Biocellulose mask is easy to use, nice in touch and ductile, it adapts to the face. It was created out of the highest quality biocellulose which is a fully natural material. Both cosmetics are natural and ecological, and moreover, Polish – bravo!!! We look forward to the cremes complementing home collection :)...”

Nature Cosmetics company has a young, dynamic team who patiently listen to comments and wishes of the contractor. Professionalism, quick reaction, frankness and solidity is the flagship of this company.

I recommend Nature Cosmetics as a team of creative people with extensive knowledge, experience who quickly and willingly reacts on changing needs of Clients.

Best regards,
Wioletta Agnieszka Bryg
The owner of Vanilla Spa

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