Biocellulose mask

Healthy Skin Mask

We created Biocellulose Mask with natural snail secretion and hyaluronic acid in reply to the necessity of regeneration and deep skin hydration as well as after treatment skin care. Natural ingredients contained in the snail secretion (such as alantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin) help the skin to recover after different irritations, abrasions or discolorations

Penetration of the active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin is enabled by the highest quality biocellulose which is fully natural raw material.

It is created during patented biotechnological processes with the use of appropriate bacterial strains. The nanofibres of the mask form elastic and durable three-dimensional layer perfectly covering the face skin. Thanks to this layer, natural ingredients have a very positive impact on the skin what equals intensive and real increase of hydration and regeneration level.

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